Home-based Business, The massage Studio is separate building established in Paddington for over Eight years, we have excellent relationships with neighbouring businesses and attract clients from professionals to athletes to families. Our goal is the provision of best quality care in a professional environment.

Ash Studio Director & Remedial Therapist & the only Massage Therapist at Paddington massage Studio.

He is accredited, qualified, experienced in Remedial Massage, Sports Massage & Registered with Professional Association AAMT

He have Been working in the massage therapy industry for Eight years. 

Focusing on treating headache and referral pain, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, lower back& Knee Injury.

His Training include a good knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, dysfunctions, limited flexibility, general postural maintenance and rehabilitation.

His passionate about providing positive difference in muscles and joints uses many massage techniques as a combination to find problem areas and to suit all individuals and always help clients to feel relieved from their pain and restrictions during and after the treatment sessions.