Brisbane Remedial Massage 

& Body Therapist Studio

Do you have any aches and pains or often feel stressed? Are the demands of everyday life too much for your mental and physical health? In Brisbane, health consciousness is on the rise, but you are not alone. Here at Paddington Massage Studio we are committed to your health and wellbeing. We carry out affordable high quality massage therapy to suit your needs. The massage therapy is the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body (such as tendons, ligaments and fascia) for therapeutic or relaxation purposes. The overarching aim of massage is to help promote general wellness with a healing touch. Our Studio offers a range of different massage style including remedial therapy, relaxation massage,  sports massage, Craniosacral Therapy, deep tissue,  pregnancy massage, lymphatic drainage, head massage, Myofascial cupping, If you are looking for Sports injury therapistWe are well-trained therapists with a wealth of experience, using touch with sensitivity to discern the optimal amount and degree of pressure and movement to apply on each client. 

Benefits Of Massage

-Enhance athletic performance

-Relieve stress

-Improve exercise performance

-Decrease delayed onset muscle soreness

-Lower blood pressure

-Improve soft tissue function

-Promote relaxation

-Reduce muscle tension

-Help athletes monitor muscle tone

-Help prevent injuries 

-Help chronic neck pain

-Promote relaxation

-Improve cardiovascular health

-Reduce muscle hypertonicity

-Reduce anxiety

-Increase range of motion

-Lower joint replacement pain
-Reduce swelling

-Relieve tension headaches

-Reduce breathing pattern disorders

-Helping for better sleep

-Decrease stiffness muscles and fatigue

A wide range of manual therapies may apply the following

​- Headaches and migraines 

- Depression

- Frozen Shoulder

- Stiff Neck

- Lower Back

- Sciatica

- Joint Mobilisations 

- Hip/Knee

- Poor posture

- Neck pain

- Muscular tension 

- Tennis elbow 

- Plantar fasciitis 

- Pregnancy
- Work related stress 

- Fatigue

- Tendinitis 

- Sports injuries 

- Chronic pain

Clients Testimonials

Best massage in Brisbane. Great pressure and will always adjust when needed. Been coming here for a while now and have never walked out disappointed. Highly recommended!

Lily Beeley